The New Mustang Takes On Silverstone

Ford wanted to give everyone a sense of what it is like to drive the new 5.0 litre Mustang fastback and a normal in car video just wasn’t enough. So, they took a large number of cameras, a drone and a lot of very clever editing software to Silverstone to create something truly inspiring. Mark Truby, vice president, Communications and Public Affairs for Ford Europe said: “We wanted everyone to be able to experience a Mustang V8 at high speed on a great track”

The Video

The result is a stunning interactive video of a hot lap of the iconic Silverstone circuit. The video gives you a number of unique options including a 360 degree view of the inside of the car during the lap. By simply moving the mouse you can explore the cabin, and see what professional racing driver: Paul Swift is doing in detail. This was not enough for Ford though; they wanted to do something extra special. So they added in the option of seeing the entire lap from a drone cam just by clicking an icon and if that wasn’t enough they added a bonnet cam option too. All of this knits together to form a stunning multi angle video which can be watched and manipulated according to how you want to view it. The video also gives you the option of seeing the revs, track information and the speed, which adds another dimension to the experience.

Start Your Engines

To enjoy all this power and technology coming together simply start the video by clicking on the “Start Engine” button and explore. There are icons running at the top of the screen during the video showing the bonnet, drone and interior camera choices.

The New Mustang

The all new Mustang is now on sale in the UK officially for the very first time. It comes with either a 317PS 2.3 litre V6 Eco-Boost engine or a 421PS 5.0 litre V8. There is also a hardtop in the form of the fastback in the video or a convertible option. The fastback starts at just £28,995 and the convertible at £32,995. There are not many people who like cars that don’t like Mustangs and this new video certainly won’t do anything to dampen that excitement about the latest incarnation of this untamed horse.