Where are the best drivers born?

British drivers think that Germans are the best drivers in Europe, according to a new survey from breakdown provider Green Flag.

More than a third of 2,000 British motorists surveyed by Green Flag said that Deutsch drivers were not only the best on the road but the least prone to breaking rules while behind the wheel.

Questioning British holidaymakers on their experiences driving in European countries, it turns out that on the other side of the coin, Brits have rated Italian drivers as the worst drivers.

Germans rated the best, but bad news for Italians!

Surprisingly though, although the drivers surveyed thought that Italians weren’t all that great behind the wheel, the majority of respondents thought that, like Germans, they aren’t prone to breaking the law.

Out of all the countries in Europe, British drivers rated France as the best place to go for a driving holiday, with almost half of the survey sample saying it would be their top choice for a break.

When it comes to driving in another country, survey respondents rated the language barrier as the most difficult thing to overcome, along with understanding different road rules and regulations.

Language barrier can be a problem

Candace Gerlach, head of marketing at Green Flag, said: “Driving holidays in Europe are extremely popular amongst Brits which is why we wanted to find out more about their opinions and experiences to help improve our breakdown offering.

“As part of Green Flag’s European service, we offer drivers full cover as well as ensuring that all of our contact centre staff are English speaking to avoid any added stress and ensure you get where you need to be, no matter what.”

However, although France tallied highest for having the best roads to drive in, a separate survey last year revealed that, along with Britain, it’s one of the worst countries on earth for road rage.

France one of the worst countries for road rage

The data showed that 73 per cent of French drivers have experienced aggression while driving from fellow motorists, with 42 per cent saying that another driver had intentionally blocked them in to confront them.

Conversely, only 43 per cent of German motorists said that they’d had first-hand experience with temper problems on the road, while Portugal also rating high for good motoring manners.

Turkish, Dutch and Norwegian motorists were found to be the most polite, with only 15 per cent of drivers stating that they’d experienced aggression, verbal or otherwise, on the road.