Ford Fiesta is the most reliable eco car!

The Ford Fiesta is the most reliable eco-friendly car in the UK, according to new research from consumer warranty specialists Warranty Direct.

Warranty Direct analysed over 50,000 of its live policies, using its unique Reliability Index table to compare the reliability, average mileage and repair costs of used cars more than three years old.

Of all the cars analysed, the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic took the top spot, with an impressive fuel consumption figure of as much as 85.6mpg and the best mix of economy and reliability.

Fiesta ECOnetic the top-ranked car

Taking the number one spot in the top ten list of the best eco-friendly cars, the Ford Fiesta also had the best reliability score of just 24, a full five points ahead of its closest competitor.

The Peugeot 3008 also performed well, coming in fourth on the list and with the second-highest reliability score after the Fiesta, while the SEAT Ibiza was fifth with the third best reliability.

Other cars which tallied well in Warranty Direct’s study included the Citroen C3 Picasso and the Nissan Note, which rounded off the list in 8th and 10th places respectively.

Warranty Direct says that these cars are the best to buy for motorists looking for ways to reduce the cost of car ownership, as they’re not just cheap to run, but cheap to maintain over a long time.

Cheap to run and maintain

The company also warned against new technologies which deliver better fuel consumption but which are complex and prone to going wrong, with expensive repair bills as a result.

David Gerrans, managing director at Warranty Direct said: “The ‘eco’ derivatives of a used vehicle are often desirable, promising economical motoring for the cost-conscious buyer.

“However, savings on fuel and road tax can soon be countered with astronomical bills for mechanical or electrical failure. It is important to take these factors into account when selecting a car based on green credentials.”

Last year, the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic celebrated victory in an ‘MPG marathon’, completing the route of the London Marathon while using significantly less fuel than any of its competitors.

MPG marathon victory last year

Designed a real-world test of a car’s fuel economy, the MPG Marathon is an annual event, with location, speed and fuel economy constantly monitored via satellite tracking technology on each car.

Although its official figures state that it returns 85.6mpg, the Fiesta ECOnetic managed to return even more on its marathon run, averaging at an incredible 88.69mpg over the 339-mile course.

The Ford Fiesta is available to buy from Perrys dealerships now, with prices starting from just £9,695 for the entry-level Studio model.