Jaguar to use new wearable tech to measure Wimbledon crowd

For its first year as the official car sponsor for Wimbledon, Jaguar has announced a new campaign to make use of new wearable tech in order to measure the crowd at the tennis tournament.

Using cutting-edge sensors, the carmaker will analyse and celebrate the unique spectrum of emotions associated with the legendary championship to push its new #FeelWimbledon campaign.

Selected members of the crowd will get special biometric wristbands, while atmospheric sensors in the ground will measure the energy from the spectators around the courts.

Measure the crowd’s emotions

Collating crowd movement, audio levels and heart rate, movement and location, Jaguar will use the data to provide unique insights into the emotions of the crowd at the sporting event.

Former British No. 1, Tim Henman, said: “There’s no other tournament like Wimbledon and the experience gets better each year.

“The drama, passion and excitement, shared by both players and fans alike, is what makes Wimbledon the number one tennis tournament in the world, and it’s great to see Jaguar celebrating these unique qualities as part of their #FeelWimbledon campaign.”

As well as measuring the crowd, Jaguar will also supply 170 luxury, high performance vehicles to support proceedings and operations at the Wimbledon tournament.

Support cars to include the new XE

The fleet of luxury chauffeur vehicles will also include the brand-new Jaguar XE, Jaguar’s lightest and most fuel-efficient model ever, which is available to buy from Jaguar dealerships now.

Laura Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover UK marketing director, said: “Wimbledon evokes lots of emotions and captures our imaginations in so many different ways, so we’re very excited to celebrate what makes Wimbledon so special through our #FeelWimbledon campaign.

“With 500,000 people attending Wimbledon this year, it provides Jaguar with incredible exposure in London, and a fantastic platform to showcase our products, especially the Jaguar XE.”

The campaign will also highlight some of the newest cutting-edge technologies from the carmaker, which can not only be used to provide crowd insights, but can also be applied to the road.

New technology that can detect potholes and even ‘learn’

Recently, Jaguar Land Rover announced a new range of technologies which can detect potholes in the road ahead and then transmit data to local authorities to get them to repair the road.

Previously, the company has also said that it will start to introduce new features to cars which include artificial intelligence, which can ‘learn’ about a drivers preferences.

Able to remember the preferred setup of its driver, a car equipped with this technology will be able to set the seat height, climate control and radio station and can also remind drivers of upcoming events or errands.