Sales of dash-cams on the rise as insurers accept footage as evidence

Sales of dash-cams in the UK have skyrocketed after leading car insurers have started to accept video footage as evidence for insurance claims.

Already popular in areas like Russia and the United States, dashboard-mounted cameras can be bought for as little as £50 and require no professional installation.

Despite the fact that insurance companies in other countries have accepted dash-cam footage as evidence, until now the official stance of insurers in the UK has been unclear.

Dash-cam sales up 918 per cent

However, according to dash-cam manufacturer Nextbase, a total of 29 major British car insurers have confirmed that they will start accepting footage as evidence in the event of a claim.

Nextbase has said that insurers are starting to cotton on to the benefits of dash-cam use, which can play a major role in combating ‘crash for cash’ fraud, which drives up premiums for all motorists.

As well as saving the insurance industry as estimated £1bn in false claims, the footage can also make the claims process more efficient, as a video is more reliable than human witnesses.

It’s not just insurers who have started the uptake either, as according to market research company GfK, sales of dash-cams in the UK have increased by a phenomenal 918 per cent since last year.

Richard Browning, Nextbase, director said: “It’s not hard to see why dash cams are so popular with insurers – they act as an independent witness for drivers, who can use footage to demonstrate that they’re in the right should they be involved in the event of a non-fault accident or even attempted fraud.

“They give insurers the opportunity to make huge cost savings, and could help to end cash-for-crash fraud.”

However, despite the benefits, several motoring groups have been less enthusiastic about the technology, with the AA claiming that they can offer a one-sided view of events.

Paul Watters, AA head of roads policy, said that dash-cams wouldn’t necessarily capture context like “the cyclist on the left-hand side, or the cat on the road”.

AA says they’re no substitute for human witnesses

He said: “Human witnesses present at the time of the incident remain the most important evidence to support an insurance claim.”

As well as that, he noted that having a dash-cam fitted to the windscreen could increase the potential for break-ins or theft, in the same way robbers often target sat-nav devices.

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