Think being a car salesperson was easy? Think again!

Kidnappings, road rage and accidents aren’t exactly something that most of us encounter every day, but for car salespeople around the country, it’s just another day in the life.

A new survey from hire company Flexed has unearthed some of the more bizarre tales from salesmen and women across the UK, showing that British buyers are nothing if not unpredictable.

Hilarious and alarming stories

One of the stranger and more alarming stories came from one salesperson who thought he was being kidnapped while on a test drive after the potential buyer went shockingly off-piste.

He said: “What looked like a routine test drive turned very weird when the customer’s two mates got in the back. They both looked like gorillas and that put me on edge from the start.”

Things then went from bad to worse for the anonymous salesman, who said that the customer kept ignoring his directions, taking the party miles off the traditional test drive route.

“It was when we got in the queue for Dover Ferry Terminal that I genuinely thought I was being kidnapped, and thought about quietly calling the police,” he said.

Luckily, things went back on track after it turned out that the driver though the directions were merely suggestions, and wanted to try out a bit of motorway driving.

In the end, things turned out alright for the salesman. “Yes, they bought the car, and I never dialled the third ‘9’ on my mobile phone,” he said.

Drive-thru on a test drive!

That’s not all, however. Other horror stories from those on the frontline of motor sales include one driver who test drove an SUV with his entire extended family crammed in the back.

Another told of how one interested driver took the test car through a drive-thru, just to make sure the car would fit, although the salesman did get a free lunch out of it at least!

Further anecdotes included one from a saleswoman whose customer started the car and rammed it straight out of the forecourt and into a bus, before deciding not to buy the car as they didn’t trust its brakes.

Mark Hall, from Flexed, said: “Interacting with the public can be at times frustrating, hilarious and incredibly satisfying.

“While we’ve seen many strange things in our time, we’ve never been kidnapped nor had a burger bought for us. We’re open to offers on the latter.”

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