Hyundai writes giant message in the desert for teen girl’s astronaut dad

Go big or go home, so they say.

Unfortunately for a year 13-year old girl named Stephanie, her dad works for NASA as an astronaut, meaning that he doesn’t get to go home very often at all.

Luckily, Hyundai stepped in to help Stephanie send a message to her dad in space, which has been captured in a phenomenal new video that’s bound to give your heartstrings a good tug.

“My dad has an unusual job,” she said. “He gets to live and work in space and he’s doing lots of experiments up there. He has to stay there for long periods of time so he’s gone a lot. I miss him when he’s gone.

“He would be totally caught off guard if he could see a message, and it might make him miss us even more or miss Earth.”

Message the same size as Central Park

The Korean carmaker collaborated with Stephanie to create an art project on a massive scale, settling on the idea of writing a message in the sand so large that it could literally be seen from space.

Hyundai used a total of 11 of its new Genesis saloon models to help create the incredible image, which was carefully planned to replicate Stephanie’s handwritten message to her father.

Her letter was scanned into a GPS system, which Hyundai then used to coordinate the drivers of the Genesis cars, carving lines 30 metres wide into the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada.

Working together, experts from Korea, Europe and the United States all managed to create the massive message, which simply stated: “Steph [heart]’s you”.

In total, the message measures more than 59 million square feet, roughly the same size as New York’s Central Park, and can be viewed at a distance of more than 300km away.

It’s so big, in fact, that the amazing sand message has officially been recognised by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest tyre track image, though it’s the thought, not the size, which really counted.

New Guinness World Record

Incredibly, Stephanie’s dad was able to spot the message from his temporary home aboard the International Space Station, and also replied with a message of his own.

“Hi Stephanie, it’s dad,” he said via video link, “I just wanted to call to say I love you and thank you.”

Stephanie said afterwards: “I’m happy that he could see it and know that we’re thinking about him back home. He’s seen so many amazing things up there, but I hope that this message was the most special.”

Aww. If you’d like to see the incredible video footage for yourself, check it out below. Just make sure you’ve got a Kleenex or two handy!