Number of drink-drivers tumble

The number of motorists caught drink-driving on the roads during the festive period last year has dropped significantly, according to new figures.

Scotland in particular saw the greatest drop in the amount of intoxicated drivers, with drink-driving incidents dropping by almost a fifth after the country’s legal limit was reduced in early December.

Police in Scotland stopped more than 17,500 drivers for on-the-spot alcohol tests over the four-week Christmas campaign by law enforcement to stamp out dangerous drink-driving.

Averaging at about 625 drivers stopped each day, 351 drivers were found to be under the influence while in their cars in total, compared with 434 who were caught during the same period in 2013.

The figures state that this represents a 19 per cent drop in the amount of motorists found over the limit, or roughly one driver nicked for every 50 tested, compared with one in 47 back in 2013.

Limit reduced

On December 5th last year, the legal drink-driving limit was reduced to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in Scotland, bringing the country into line with the majority of mainland European countries.

A study undertaken by the RAC has shown that 38 per cent of UK motorists living outside Scotland believe that the limit should be reduced to the same level throughout the rest of the UK.

RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “It is encouraging to see how quickly the new drink-drive laws have taken effect in Scotland.

“This reflects research carried out by RAC in December which suggested a very positive response to the change, not only in Scotland but across the UK.”

The fall in the number of drink-drivers has also reportedly been reduced throughout the rest of the UK over the Christmas period, thanks largely to the increase in awareness and police attention.

Across the UK, officers stopped drivers for precautionary breath tests, with police in North Wales rolling out more on-the-spot checkpoints than any other force in the nation.

Public shaming

Sussex and Surrey police also started publicly shaming drivers stopped on suspicion of drink-driving via Twitter in order to deter motorists from getting behind the wheel after a few too many.

Late in December, Kent police forces reported that they’d stopped 38 drivers in the month so far, including a 15-year old boy who was caught for driving while drunk and without a licence.

The reduction in drink-driving offences across the UK hasn’t been the only good news during the festive period, either.

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