Alfa Romeo 4C bags a string of awards

Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports car has picked up a long string of awards in recent weeks, adding more trophies to its cabinet following its release around the world.

As the first models have rolled into dealerships in the US following its debut in the UK late last year, the 4C has been named Best Performance and Luxury Car to Buy by Motor Authority.

It has also received awards for Best Sports Car at the Popular Mechanics 2014 Car Awards, and was proclaimed an Automobile Magazine All-Star based on readers’ opinions.

Motor Authority editor Nelson Ireson said: “The Alfa Romeo 4C is beautiful, exotic and incredibly fun to drive.”


He also noted the value of the 4C, along with its advanced carbon fibre monocoque and turbocharged mid-engine layout, which offers supercar performance for a fraction of the cost.

Mike Floyd, editor-in-chief at Automobile, added: “The Alfa Romeo 4C reminds you what it means to drive with joy, with purpose. The 4C is an unapologetic sports car and a spectacular looking one at that, that’s why it’s a 2015 Automobile All-Star.”

On the other side of the Atlantic, the 4C also picked up awards in Ireland, having been named Performance Car of the Year by the Association of Professional Motoring Press.

Finally, the other major motoring writer’s association in Ireland, the Irish Motoring Writers Association, also gave it the award for Continental Irish Sports/Performance Car of the Year.

IMWA Chairperson Austin Shinnors said: “The Alfa Romeo 4C is a very worthy winner of the Continental Irish Sports/Performance Car of the Year 2015.

“An exciting car aesthetically and dynamically, it is a real thoroughbred Italian sports car in every way.”

Inspired by the rare 1967 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, the 4C aims to evoke the spirit of its predecessor not only aesthetically, but by making advanced, racing-inspired technologies attainable.


Designed and engineered in Italy and built in Modena using ultra-lightweight carbon fibre supplied by Nottingham firm TenCate , the 4C weighs in at just 895kg.

The rigid chassis also grants astonishing handling characteristics; its engineers claim that it can generate over 1.1g’s worth of forward acceleration – a third of that generated by a space shuttle launch.

Combined with an all-aluminium 237bhp turbocharged petrol engine and a twin-clutch transmission, the 4C can zip from 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds, with a top speed of 160mph.

Despite its huge performance credentials, it still manages 41.5mph with just 157g/km of CO2 emissions.

Prices for the Alfa Romeo 4C coupe currently start from £45,000.