Can cars be art? Land Rover inspires unique sculptures

Land Rover has teamed up with a renowned Italian artist to create two unique sculptures acknowledging the relationship between automotive design and art.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s design director collaborated with Milan-based Nino Mustica to produce the sculptures, which are currently being displayed for free in London.

Unstoppable Spirit

Titled ‘Unstoppable Spirit’, the sculpture pieces are modelled from a combination of steel and glass fibre, and feature the life-size form of the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Each of the two pieces, one in red and one in blue, sits outside the front of the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, where they’ll be on display until the end of this week.

McGovern, the man behind the Range Rover Evoque, Sport and new Discovery Sport models, said: “I have always been a huge admirer of Nino’s work and I’m delighted to be collaborating on this truly unique project.”

“I believe art and design enrich people’s lives in all their manifestations. That’s why I’m proud to be revealing Unstoppable Spirit in such an iconic location at London’s Southbank Centre.”

Virtual reality cave

The two artworks were conceptualised by the two designers in conjunction, and then produced using Land Rover’s cutting-edge virtual reality cave, which is usually reserved exclusively for developing prototype cars.

Once the design was finalised, they were then handcrafted by sculptors in Turin in a process that too an estimated 8,000 hours, before being transported to London.

Both artworks have been inspired by the new Discovery Sport model, which was officially unveiled early last month and made its formal debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

Sicilian-born Nino said: “Unstoppable Spirit is about the fusion between automotive design and contemporary art.

“As an artist I am able to work in the abstract with full creative freedom, however the Discovery Sport is a piece of industrial design that must be both versatile and beautiful. This work is a fascinating exploration of how these worlds collide and interact.”

The replacement for the outgoing Freelander  model, the new Discovery Sport is due to be the first member of the all-new Discovery family and is priced from £32,395 when it’s released.

With versatile 5+2 seven-seat capacity and a wide range of new technology like an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system crammed inside, the new Discovery Sport is being billed as Land Rover’s most capable model yet.

The Discovery Sport isn’t due to go on sale until January, but in the meantime prospective buyers can use Land Rover’s website to configure their own model to order.