Nissan’s e-NV200 enrols at university

Nissan’s all-electric e-NV200 van has officially enrolled at the University of Birmingham as part of the uni’s fleet of post vans.

The e-NV200 Acenta will help to deliver mail across the university’s large and historic Edgbaston campus, as part of a 98-strong fleet of ultra-sustainable commercial vehicles.

This marks the second major event for the electric van in a week, after the model received a commendation as part of Nissan’s award for eco-friendliness at this year’s Fleet Van awards.

Based on the standard NV200 van, the electric version uses technology from Nissan’s popular LEAF model to create what the Japanese marque has referred to as “a true game changer for fleet van operators”.

Over 106 miles on a single charge

Nissan claims that the e-NV200 can cover 106 miles on a single charge of its battery pack and costs only 2p per mile to run, making it a natural choice for fleet drivers.

It has proven such a hit with company drivers that British Gas even ordered 100 of the e-NV200 models before they were even released to the public.

Monica Guise, post and transport manager for the University of Birmingham, said: “We had been eagerly awaiting the launch of the e-NV200 for about two years and so we were delighted to be the first to place an order and one of the first to take delivery.”

She continued: “We were really excited by the arrival of the e-NV200 for a long time as we knew as it had been built from the ground-up to function as a van should. We’ve been really impressed by its performance, versatility and handling.”

Monica went on to say that the electric van will cover an average of 25-35 miles per day, meaning that it will need charged only a couple of times each week.

The e-NV200’s zero emissions will help the university meet its pro-environment targets, and will also play a larger role in attracting and securing additional funding.


Standard equipment on the e-NV200 includes electric mirrors, a rear view camera and a radio/CD player with MP3 and auxiliary inputs, and also boasts a load capacity of up to 4,200 litres and 770kg.

Buyers can also specify the model with a choice of two upgraded chargers to reduce charging time, known as the e-NV200 Rapid and Rapid Plus.

Barry Beeston, Nissan GB’s sales director, said: “The new Nissan e-NV200 is a remarkable vehicle which we believe will make a major impression on fleets across the UK, helping operators reduce costs and emissions without any compromise on its performance as a hard-working van.

The e-NV200 entered production earlier this year and is currently priced from £13,395.