Help choose the colour of our new Peugeot 108! This week on Facebook

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Tuesday 26th August – Help us choose the colour of our new Peugeot 108

We need your help! The cracking new city car from Peugeot is coming to Perrys Portsmouth and we can’t decide which colour to order it in! It’s going to be our demo model sitting in the showroom, so it has to look swish.

It comes in 10 different colour schemes, so there’s loads to choose from. Not to mention the fact that it’s packed with next generation tech!

We asked our Facebook audience the same question and there was definite love for it in purple! Take a look what everyone said on the Perrys Facebook channel here.

Monday 25th August – $1m worth of Ford

It’s a classic conversation: what would you do if you won the lottery? Would you come into work the next day, make a scene and shout “I QUIT”? Would you move into a 10 bedroom mansion as soon as the cheque clears?

There’s one thing we can guarantee; buying a stupidly expensive/stupidly fast car. It has to be done! And just in case you do win the lottery, we like to make sure you have that aspect covered: we give you… the 2015 Galpin Ford GTR1!

Some specs to make your mouth water – the supercar does 0-60 in 2.9s, has a top speed of more than 200 mph and costs the same as it would to hire David Gray to play 5 shows (that’s a lot of ‘Babylon’).

Take a look at what our audience have been saying on the Perrys Facebook about the GTR1 this week.

Wednesday 27th August – Nissan 370z

Often forgotten and left in the shadow of the fierce GT-R, the Nissan 370z will always have a place in our hearts (as you can tell from our review earlier this year).

This modified 370z is especially good looking with that awesome bodykit – what we’d give to take that around Silverstone for the day!

It’s not just us who feel this way – Darren shared with us a great picture of his brand new 370z with the roof down. We are incredibly jealous – hopefully the sun will make a return in September so he can take the top down again before we see winter make its return!

We asked the Perrys Facebook audience how they’d describe the 370z using one word; stunning, manly and mint were all thrown around but click here to find out what everyone had to say!


Elsewhere on Perrys Facebook this week:

It’s been quite a busy week around our dealerships – we’ve all been gearing up for the new 64 REG plate that is hitting our forecourts on September the 1st! Not to mention the fact that we’ve been celebrating Steve’s 10 year anniversary at Perrys Portsmouth! Can you believe it’s been 10 years already? You can see him below (on the right) picking up his 10 year commemorative pin from Gavin, our Used Car Sales Manager at Portsmouth.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rotherham’s latest recruit Ryan has started his career at Perrys as our new Apprentice Technician. Hopefully we’ll be seeing Ryan receive his 10 year pin in 2024! Also, a huge congratulations to Ryan who picked up his GCSE results this week! Best of luck Ryan!


Here’s something a bit exciting! We had to make some room for the wonderful new Citroen C4 Cactus at our Huddersfield Citroen showroom! It’s here, it’s quirky and we couldn’t be happier – take a look!