Sheilas’ Wheels plans to create women-only roads

Female-focused car insurer Sheilas’ Wheels has unveiled proposals to create new lanes on UK roads, exclusively for women drivers.

According to their website, the company has recognised the need to make British roads safer for drivers of the fairer sex.

As a result, the company has proposed the construction of PinkZones, special areas designated specifically for women and liveried with bright pink asphalt.

Tongue-in-cheek? Perhaps, but then perhaps not. The proposal comes as the result of recent reports showing that women are more vulnerable on British roads.

Figures from the Department of Transport have shown that while men have been involved in more accidents on the road, 53 per cent of women have come out of an accident badly injured, compared with just 38 per cent of men.

Statistics also show that a total of 1,713 road deaths occurred in the UK last year. Motorway deaths for both sexes have also risen, up to 100 this year from 88 in 2012.

Motorways first, then who knows?

The insurer claims that PinkZones could be rolled out relatively cheaply on motorways, but extra motorway lanes aren’t the limit of the company’s proposals.

In addition to marking out female-only zones on existing roads, Sheilas’ Wheels has also called for the creation of women-only flyovers above some of the busiest British roads.

Andy Sommer, a spokesperson for the insurer, said: “As the UK’s leading car insurer for women, Sheilas’ Wheels is serious about creating a safer road network for female drivers and we believe a discussion about how best to achieve this is long overdue.”

Proposals would ‘boost quality of life’

According to the company, the installation of separate lanes would not only increase safety, but would also remove women from potentially dangerous environments and boost quality of life.

“There does need to be acceptance in Government circles that women and men drive very differently and solutions identified for how we manage that,” the spokesperson said.

However, the proposed measures wouldn’t come cheap; the estimated cost for the introduction of segregated lanes and flyovers clocks in at around £880 million.

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