Ford Mustang to lead the charge at Silverstone Classic

It’s only fitting that the Silverstone Classic event should be headed up by another true classic.

Ford’s all-new 2015 Mustang is set to thrill visitors at the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival later in the month.

In addition to the latest-generation model, more than 160 classic versions of the world’s most famous muscle car will take part in a track parade around the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit.

50 years of the Mustang

It comes as part of the Mustang Owners Club’s 50th birthday celebrations for the legendary model, and will take place on the second day of the festival, Saturday 26th July.

Multiple examples from each of the five generations of the classic Mustang will feature at the event, led from the front by the latest-generation model, which made its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

UK’s first right hand drive Mustang

The new ‘Stang will become the first Mustang to go on sale in UK when it roars into showrooms early next year, and will also become the first model in the car’s 50-year heritage to be offered in right-hand drive.

Anthony Ireson, marketing director for Ford Britain, said: “The Silverstone Classic and the Mustang Owners Club half-century celebrations are the ideal stage to introduce the new Mustang.

“The car has been designed from the outset to appeal to its traditional fans. It has the key design elements which evoke the essential character of the classic Mustang, allied to outstanding power outputs and a sophisticated new chassis.”

In addition to these new features, the new Mustang and its convertible stablemate will also be the first model to break traditions in other ways.

The usual V6 or V8 engines have been swapped for a turbocharged 2.3-litre version of Ford’s award-winning EcoBoost engine. Despite the eco-friendly name, however, the engine will still deliver 305bhp and an incredible 433Nm of torque.

A 5.0-litre V8 engine is also available on the new Mustang for those who prefer a more purist approach, with a monstrous 429bhp output and 542Nm of torque, so you’d best hold on to your fillings.

The first 500 European-bound new Mustang models were made available during the UEFA Champions League final in May and were gone within the first 30 seconds.

130 of those reserved will be headed for British shores, but for those who missed out the Mustang will be available to buy from next year onwards.