Perrys Clean & Fresh: The ultimate summer detox for your car

Summer is nearly upon us and for many people that means it’s detox time.

But before the panic sets in, you can forget the fad diets and calorie counting. As it turns out, detoxing isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for your car.

Between running errands, commuting to work, and driving kids – if you have them – we’re spending more time in our cars than ever before. Unfortunately that also means that we’re clogging our engines, fuel systems and air vents with more contaminants than ever before, which can seriously affect the performance of your car and cost you more money in the long run.

If you’re considerate about keeping toxins out of your body, you should also think about keeping your car in good health, which is why this summer season Perrys are offering the ultimate three-step car detox for the fantastic price of only £32.99.

Still not convinced? Read on to get the skinny on our fantastic Clean & Fresh summer programme:

Step one – engine flush

The first step of our detox treatment involves giving your car’s engine an engine flush, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; it flushes all the gunk right out of your engine.

Cleaning agents are poured into the engine, which is then left to run for a few minutes, sending the cleanser deep inside the moving parts of your engine. The cleaning chemicals are then drained from the engine along with the old oil, before new oil is pumped into it in a process not unlike a blood transfusion.

Benefits include getting longer life out of the new oil, meaning you can go for longer before it gets dirty and you have to change it again, as well as the clearing of deposit and gunk build-up inside the engine that can sometimes be missed by the engine’s oil filters.

The clearing of all this build-up will improve efficiency as well as power, bringing your car closer to the performance it had when it first rolled out of the showroom. For older cars, engine flushing can give them a total new lease of life and it’s a great process to also keep newer or recently-serviced cars in tip-top shape for the months to come.

Step two – fuel system cleanse

The second phase of our three-part detox involves the cleaning of the fuel system, which runs all the way from the fuel tank, through the fuel lines and to the pumps and injectors that transfer the fuel to your engine. A clogged fuel system can cause problems with fuel ignition, resulting in a loss of power, which is pretty bad news for any car owner.

If your car is experiencing symptoms of power loss, a lower mileage or hesitation and sluggishness when you put your foot down, then a fuel system cleaning could be just the answer that your car’s been looking for.

Even if it’s in good condition, the fuel system cleanse will also improve the flow of fuel to your engine, resulting in a safer drive with less chance of engine failure and will also lower the amount of emissions produced by the engine, protecting you, the environment and saving you money by improving fuel consumption.

Step three – freshening air ventilation

 There’s truly nothing like that new car smell, but the only problem is that to get it, you usually have to buy a new car. Likewise, there’s nothing much worse than a car that’s started to smell off, and it can be frustratingly hard to vanquish tough odours from your air conditioning system. Luckily, we offer a sprucing up of your ventilation system as the third and final part of our summer car detox.

Not only will it freshen your car up and restore that coveted new car aroma, it’ll improve the air flow and quality of the air that gets into your car and will also kill the nasties that love to call your car’s ventilation system home.

Mould, fungi and bacteria build up within the vents and can be detrimental to both your health and the health of your passengers. Certain types of mould and fungi can cause lung infections and allergic reactions in certain people, while bacteria carried along the vents can cause infection. As part of the air refresh phase, we’ll also disinfect both your ventilation system and vehicle cabin and you can choose from a range of five different fragrance options; apple, lemon, blueberry, rush and fragrance-free.

Individual options available

 But what if you fancy one but not all three? Well, you’re in luck as we’re also offering each phase as a separate mini-detox, and as well as that you can mix and match which options you want. Of course, at just £32.99 including VAT, the total three-part detox represents the best value for you, your car and your wallet, but each step is offered at highly competitive prices:

Fuel system cleanse: £9.99 including VAT

Air refresh in any fragrance: £19.99 including VAT

Fuel system cleanse and air refresh: £24.99 including VAT

Engine flush and fuel system cleanse: £19.99 including VAT


So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our dealerships to give your car the clean bill of health it deserves just in time for this summer season.