Top cars at the 2014 New York Auto Show

Thanks to the attendance of many of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, this motor show attracts a great deal of attention from around the globe.

While a large amount of the models featured here is targeted particularly towards the American market, there are still reasons for UK motorists to be interested as well.

Several brands available from select Perrys dealerships nationwide have used this year’s New York Auto Show to showcase new concepts. The production models set to be formed from these concepts could easily find their way to the UK market in the not-too-distant future.

Here is our pick of the best cars featured at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept

Undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of this year’s New York Auto Show had to be the latest concept from SUV specialists Land Rover.

The Discovery Vision Concept signals the design direction for the next-generation Land Rover Discovery as well as other upcoming models from the British brand. It also demonstrates some of the new and intriguing driving technologies new Land Rover products could feature within the next couple of years.

Highlights include the Transparent Bonnet technology; a head-up display system offering an unimpeded view of the ground immediately ahead. Then there’s the Remote Control Drive function which allows the driver to manoeuvre the car at low speed without actually being seated in it.

Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition

This has overall been a very memorable month for the all-new Ford Mustang. To celebrate the 50th anniversary since the original American sports car was revealed to the public, a new special edition has been presented. This model will be restricted to just 1,964 units.

Not only was this announced, but Ford also celebrated the Mustang’s anniversary by putting a new model on top of the Empire State Building in a spectacular display.

The new Ford Mustang is set to officially go on sale in the UK market, in right-hand drive, starting from early 2015.

Kia GT4 Stinger Concept

Kia first unveiled the sporty GT4 Stinger Concept a few months ago at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show. The car managed to make a really big impression on the public with its super sleek and futuristic looks, and Kia has opted to bring it back for another showing in New York.

To this day Kia has yet to sell a car which was designed as a pure sports car from the ground up. However thanks to concepts like this GT4 Stinger, the prospect of Kia creating such a product not only seems possible but it would be welcome by many. A sports car based on an earlier Kia concept will reportedly be launched by 2016.

The GT4 Stinger features a four-seater cabin and a 315bhp 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine, mated with a six-speed manual transmission.

Mazda MX-5 25th Anniversary Edition

This year Mazda is celebrating its own impressive landmark as its iconic MX-5 sports car celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Mazda first revealed the MX-5 back during the 1989 Chicago Auto Show and it has gone on to take the world by storm. It’s continuously proved popular in both the new and used car markets within Britain. Furthermore, the MX-5 holds the Guinness World Record for best selling two-seater sports car of all time.

In recognition of its achievements, Mazda has used this year’s New York Auto Show to reveal a distinct 25th Anniversary Edition of the MX-5. The launch date and price for this car has yet to be confirmed, but some reports online suggest it could start from around £23,000.

Mazda also used the 2014 New York Auto Show to present the new SKYACTIV chassis which will be used for the next-generation MX-5, expected to launch in 2015.

Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano mid-size SUV has not been officially on sale in the UK market since 2011. This could soon change though as Nissan have revealed this brand-new version of the car. Several reports indicate that the Japanese manufacturer is considering putting its new Murano in the UK market.

If it does arrive the new Murano will sit alongside other Nissan crossover SUV models, including the Qashqai and Juke, which have proved popular in the UK in recent years.

Like the Qashqai and Juke the newly revealed Murano has a memorable design featuring swooping lines and a generally muscular shape. The Murano is also filled with luxury kit, including dual-zone automatic climate control, leather seats, heated steering wheel and power folding rear seats.