Vauxhall confirms 2014 Art Car Boot Fair

Events for the Fair will also be held in Liverpool on 5th July as part of the opening weekend of the Liverpool Biennial. It will also be held in Folkestone on 30th August as part of the opening weekend of the Folkestone Triennial.

The Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair is where artists from across Britain gather together to showcase a large variety of works. The most eccentric designs, incredible bargains and other interesting art are presented at this Fair. Virtually all of the art pieces are also presented from the boots of new and classic Vauxhall cars.

Various custom car body paint designs are often shown off at the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair as well.

The Fair has been described by the Evening Standard as ‘London’s most glamorous car boot sale’. The Sunday Times has previously called the event ‘the most unorthodox explosion of fun in art’.

This year’s Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair will mark the launch of the Vauxhall Art Cargo. This is a specially customised Vauxhall Vivaro van packed full of art which will attend all three dates of the show.

The 2014 Fair will also have what is called the Go Forth Plinth. This will feature a series of commissions by artists, creating special artworks to be shown aloft the roof-racks of a fleet of Vauxhall cars. Each roof top installation will have associated editions for bargain art hunters to get their hands on.

The founder and curator of Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair, Karen Ashton, commented: “It made perfect sense to take our show on the road to engage with new audiences and new artists around the country – and we are delighted to be embraced by both the Liverpool Biennial and the Folkestone Triennial. Watch this space for new tour dates."

The Director of Communications at Vauxhall, Denis Chick, said: “We were keen to develop the event for 2014 and by taking the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair onto the road, even more art, entertainment, fun and British madness can roam the country.

“The Art Cargo and the Go Forth Plinth – a fleet of Vauxhall cars with incredible artworks – will hit Bristol, Folkestone and Liverpool. It remains a fabulous day out and there will be some exciting announcements in terms of artists over the next couple of months."