Best April Fools’ Day car stories 2014

These special car stories for April Fools’ often involve some kind of fake new car or onboard feature which might be somewhat plausible or even useful to some if it existed. However the lies are almost always visible enough for people to see through them.

Here’s our look at this year’s best April Fools’ Day car stories for entertaining Britain’s motorists.


Earlier this year the French manufacturer Citroen revealed the bold-looking C4 Cactus, a compact and customisable crossover vehicle boasting practicality and high efficiency.

To demonstrate the potential for personalisation with its new car, Citroen has taken advantage of its current sponsorship deal with Arsenal Football Club to reveal a ‘special edition’ version.

It’s called the Citroen C4 Cactus Arsenal Edition and it is finished in the colours of the football team it’s named after.

Citroen remarks that the car is limited to just 11 units, and features include an integrated dashboard console called Geo Organised Away-day Location, Information & Entertainment interface, or ‘G.O.A.L.I.E’.

Citroen also jokes that the touchscreen system is preloaded with directions to all of Arsenal’s away matches and a database of pie and mash vendors.

Citroen finishes off the announcement by saying the C4 Cactus Arsenal Edition will be available to order from all Citroen showrooms, except the Citroen Tottenham dealer.


[YouTube:wMZvt1_sZnk:Peugeot UK – New Audio Sonic Personalisation Programme]

Another French manufacturer, Peugeot, has revealed an ‘innovative’ new technology feature for its cars. Called Audio Sonic Personalisation Programme,

As ‘demonstrated’ in the video above, the feature allows drivers to select pre-programmed sounds to come out of the car’s horn or upload their own using their smartphone.

In theory at least, it would allow motorists the chance to make their cars shout animal sounds or amusing catchphrases if they so desired.


To get in to the spirit of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil, Vauxhall has revealed its own football-related special edition car.

The Astra Copacabana, based on the Astra GTC with the 197bhp 1.6-litre turbo engine, has a highly distinct exterior. It comes complete with a Brazil flag on the roof and palm tree decals.

The car is even more outlandish inside featuring seats made of ‘genuine Rio turf’, while the footwells are filled with beach sand and there are flip-flops in the glove compartment.

Vauxhall also adds the Copacabana’s horn can be specified in a Samba or Vuvuzela tone.


A short but sweet story from Nissan on April Fools’ Day has seen them reveal a new phone charger inspired by its GT-R supercar.

Called the Qi Charger, Nissan says it can charge a phone from zero to 100 per cent in just 2.7 seconds. It’s probably no coincidence that this is the same time it takes the 2014 model year GT-R to cover the benchmark sprint of zero to 62mph.


Another short but amusing story has come courtesy of Mazda, which has presented a four-seater version of its popular MX-5 sports car.

Since the MX-5 is normally just a two-seater model, Mazda has accommodated the extra seats by stretching the wheelbase. It looks like the MX-5 four-seater could be the sportiest limousine ever if it actually existed.