Zero car emissions targeted in Scotland by 2050

Now this month the Scottish government has announced an ambitious new target to make all towns and cities in Scotland free from car CO2 emissions by 2050.

A new report, called "Switched on Scotland", outlines plans from the Scottish government reveal how they want to get private buyers and businesses to switch to electric cars on sale. Currently available all-electric models like the Nissan LEAF and the Renault ZOE could potentially dominate Scotland’s roads under such plans.

Over the next two years the Scottish government plans to invest £14 million on replacing its fleet of petrol and diesel cars with electric alternatives. They also plan to have EV (electric vehicle) charging points installed at all of their main buildings.

As further revealed in the Switched on Scotland report, the local government aims to have half of all fossil-fuelled vehicles phased out of urban environments by 2030.

By 2040, Scotland’s government aims to see all new vehicles sold to be near zero CO2 emissions at least.

Then come 2050, the goal is to have all towns, cities and communities in Scotland free from petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles.

A third of all car journeys in Scotland are estimated to be less than two miles long, while nearly a quarter are estimated at less than one mile.

The prospect of having a zero car emission setting in other segments of the UK has been recently discussed as well.

The Liberal Democrats have radically proposed banning all petrol and diesel cars from UK roads by 2040. Such a proposal would likely see a large rise in the uptake of all-electric cars, plus possibly extended-range EVs like the Vauxhall Ampera for example.

Switching so many motorists over to EVs would certainly take time. After all there are millions of petrol and diesel cars dominating the UK’s roads today. However the target to create a much more environmentally-friendly motoring scene with renewable energy sources is an important one regardless.

Recent government plans indicate that in the foreseeable future, we could see some bold changes for the future of motoring in the UK.

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