Top vintage cars from Alfred Hitchcock movies

On this day 114 years ago Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most celebrated film directors and producers in the world, was born.

Hitchcock has often been described by many as England’s best film director, and as a pioneer of numerous filming techniques and story elements which have been popularised in movies.

Of course Hitchcock is easily associated with his most iconic films, such as ‘Psycho’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘The Birds’ and ‘North by Northwest’.

Instead of talking about his films however, we’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the most interesting vintage cars which appeared in Hitchcock movies.

One of the most eye-catching examples regarding cars in Hitchcock movies has to be the Aston Martin DB2/4 Drophead Coupe which featured in ‘The Birds’. This sleek and shiny vintage motor was driven by the main protagonist in Hitchcock’s 1963 horror film.

However the car brand you could arguably most associate with Hitchcock movies is in fact Ford. In fact, during the 1960’s the TV show ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ had the Ford Motor Company as a main sponsor.

Ford cars went on to appear to some degree in many of Hitchcock’s films from the 1960’s onwards. A prime example is the 1957 Ford Custom 300, driven by Janet Leigh’s character in the 1960 horror film ‘Psycho’.

Numerous vintage Ford cars have also gotten involved and appeared in the background of other Hitchcock films including North by Northwest. The 1959 thriller included numerous Ford Custom 300 models. Other classic Ford cars including the 1957 Country Sedan and 1946 Super De Luxe also appeared in this flick.

But it’s not just Ford and Aston Martin you can associate with Hitchcock films. The 1958 psychological thriller Vertigo featured vintage motors from other major manufacturer brands.

One of Vertigo’s main characters, played by actress Kim Novak, drives a green Jaguar Mark VIII, a smart-looking four-door luxury saloon.

Not only can many of Hitchcock’s films be considered quality classic creations, but so can some of the cars which appear in these flicks as well.

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