DVLA confirm changes for car and tax disc registration

In the UK, first registration and licensing for a motorists’ car is currently performed through two channels; the Automated First Registration & Licensing (AFRL) system and the paper channel (V55).

The £104 fee for joining AFRL Web has been removed and the indemnity level significantly reduced for manufactures/dealers. In relation to company car fleet operators, businesses that do not generate more than £20,000 a week in tax revenue and first registration fees will not pay any indemnity.

The DVLA has acknowledged that some customers may prefer to have the tax discs with a vehicle before they collect it.

As well as providing the option to send the disc direct to the dealer/fleet operator, the current facility enabling the advanced registration of vehicles has been extended from 4 days to 14 days and will be available at any time throughout the year.

The last stock of tax discs issued to AFRL users by the DVLA Local Office were issued last month.

Also, starting from 22nd July 2013, all vehicle registration paper applications will be processed centrally at DVLA, Swansea.

This means that any applications taken to your local DVLA Local Office after this date will be sent to DVLA, Swansea for processing. Furthermore, application forms have been changed to now include dealer contact information.

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