Best used hatchbacks for under £5,000

There are some stand-out exceptions however. For the start of 2013 the newly-arrived budget brand Dacia has laid down a gauntlet in the hatchback market by offering it latest five-door Sandero supermini with a remarkable starting price of just £5,995.

While this price for a new hatchback model is temptingly low, it may still not be low enough for some motorists operating on tight budgets.

The good news however are you can still find an exciting range of practical and stylish hatchbacks for even less then a new Dacia Sandero, even with a budget of £5,000 in fact. Here’s our round-up of the best used hatchbacks you can get for below five grand from Perrys online Used Cars search or by visiting your nearest local Perrys Dealership.

Vauxhall Astra

Price estimate – £4,990

Older versions of the Vauxhall Astra can still provide you a real bargain hatchback. The Astra is an ideal family car and, alongside the low price, it also comes with respectable running costs for both petrol and diesel engines.

Inside Astra models will include equipment like air conditioning and high quality materials for both the dash and seats which are both comfortable and hard-wearing.

The UK-built Vauxhall Astra has for a long time been a perennial favourite for British car buyers and with many cheap used car deals around for them this trend is sure to continue for a while yet.

Ford Focus

Price estimate – £4,990

The deeply popular Ford Focus has for more than a decade been renowned for its generous equipment, affordability and wide range of engines.

For less than five grand you can still get a quality Focus hatchback which is more than suited for any family car needs.

A second-generation Ford Focus can easily be found now under a tight used car budget, and the five-door hatchback delivers a smart looking and good-to-drive car, with a large boot and a varied engine range that includes low emission Econetic diesel units.

Toyota Aygo

Price estimate – £4,990

Though it’s becoming one of the elder models in the city car sector, the Toyota Aygo still remains a cheap and easy to use motor that you can get now from Perrys selection of used cars.

Any motorists who are particularly focusing on finding a car that will cheap to run will especially appreciate the strengths of the Aygo.

Underneath, the Aygo uses a simple but effective 68bhp petrol engine or alternatively a 53bhp 1.4 turbodiesel in certain earlier examples.

While basic all-round the Aygo is highly recommendable particularly to inexperienced drivers and it can even offer a fun drive.

Mini Cooper

Price estimate – £4,700

Earlier examples of the trendy Mini Cooper are available today at bargain prices in the used market.

For the money you can get not only a brightly coloured and distinct model but one which delivers a compelling drive with its range of 1.6-litre petrol engines.

Furthermore used Mini Cooper models have the fun handling characteristics to match the power outputs on offer and general running costs are certainly manageable.

Motorists who want to stand out from the crowd even on a tight budget could do far worse than getting a used Mini Cooper.

Ford Fiesta

Price estimate – £4,990

The Ford Fiesta is a regular figure in the used car market and little wonder when it has been such a popular seller both new and used here in Britain.

For less than £5,000 motorists can get their hands on a used and decent quality model of this popular hatchback.

Though perhaps a predictable choice and less exciting in terms of styling, the Fiesta is still a fun and easy to drive car. It also offers a responsive engine selection and should prove easy to maintain and service.

The low running costs and easy accessibility to spare parts around the country makes the Fiesta a safe but still interesting used car purchase.

Fiat Panda

Price estimate – £4,000

Fiat Panda hatchback models aged just a few years old can be found in Perrys used car search for incredible prices below £5,000 or even £4,000.

Not only is the Panda easy and enjoyable to drive, but the engine line-up is all-round impressively efficient and the interiors are well built.

Also offering up to 861 litres of loading space and a vast array of equipment, the Fiat Panda is a smooth driving and smart little car. It represents another example of another enjoyable motor available in the used market now for little money.