Another stylish Kia coupe concept unleashed

The CUB represents Kia’s latest insight into their possible future design plans. The coupe was revealed last week at the 2013 Seoul International Motor Show.

Designed by Kia’s President and Chief Design Officer, Peter Schreyer, the CUB concept is certainly a compact creation measuring at less than four meters long.

Highlights of the CUB’s design beyond its bright yellow and white paint design include the rearward-opening rear doors and the ‘access-all-areas’ cabin design which omits the traditional B-pillars. A similar interior design has been applied to the Ford B-Max launched last year.

The front nose of the CUB meanwhile has a broad wrap-around ‘mouth’ and there is a noticeable ‘dip’ in the top of the windshield. This motif is reminiscent of other Kia models in the current line-up, such as the Kia Optima, the Kia Sportage and the latest Kia Cee’d range.

The latest interpretation of Kia’s trademark ‘Tiger Nose’ front grille is a shallower design compared to current production models. It incorporates the CUB’s turbocharger air intake, highlighted in body colour. Other design features of the CUB like the headlamps for instance are reminiscent of current Kia models, particularly the Soul mini-MPV.

Inside the CUB sports a cabin with four individual seats and luxurious black leather trim with yellow colour accents around the seats, door armrests and steering wheel.

The centre console has a minimalistic design with an air vent controlled by touch sensor.

For extra safety, Kia also says the CUB’s steering wheel rim is capable of monitoring the driver’s biorhythms. Such a feature has likely been included to work effectively as a fatigue sensor to work out when the driver of the car is tired and could do with a rest.

The CUB’s engine as indicated earlier is a turbocharged unit, a 1.6-litre GDI petrol engine with about 200bhp to wield. This same unit will feature on Kia’s upcoming new hot hatches the Cee’d GT and the Pro_cee’d GT.

Whilst it is currently unclear whether the Kia CUB will ever see the production line, the concept offers a greater and fascinating insight into what Kia could have in mind for a new coupe model in the near future.

The prospect of a new coupe model from Kia has been teased before with concepts like the two-door GT back in 2011 and earlier this year with the reveal of the two-door Kia Provo concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

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