Perrys motoring products round-up

For those looking for a reliable maintenance package or a money-saving deal on insurance or other services, you can also look to book a Perrys Service check or receive a Perrys Finance package either online or by consulting your local Perrys Dealership.
In this guide we’ll round-up the selection of products offered for your benefit at your local Perrys Dealership.

Perrys Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Damage to a tyre can occur on any car, anywhere and cost the driver a considerable amount of money, regardless of whether it is accidental or not.
Perrys Motors Sales however now offers tyre and wheel insurance that covers the costs of repairs to damaged tyres for up to £250 per tyre. Our deal covers your tyres for two years and means if your tyres have been damaged and it is not your fault, Perrys will take on the cost of repairs to help you get back on the road.
Plus, Perrys tyre insurance covers the car for up to five replacements.
It’s not just the tyres which can get damaged however.
If your vehicle has alloy wheels fitted, these can all commonly get broken, scratched or scraped.
Perrys alloy wheel insurance covers your alloy wheels for two years and means you can get those scrapes and scuffs repaired for free. We can return the alloy wheels to their best form for a cost of £150 per wheel and help you to keep your wheels looking in top shape.
The alloy wheel protection offer also covers up to ten alloy wheel repairs over two years, and it applies to both new and used cars.

Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan

If you purchase one of our Easy Drive Service Plans you can take the stress out of car servicing and manage your servicing costs in an easy way.
The Easy Drive Service Plan can be tailored to your needs, with it you can spread out the cost of servicing by paying in affordable monthly instalments.
The Easy Drive Service Plan also entitles customers towards many benefits provided courtesy of Inflation Proof Payments so there is no chance of the service cost rising. There are other benefits as well, such as knowing your car will be maintained and serviced by quality manufacturer trained technicians.
These benefits and more provide plenty of reasons to make a Perrys Easy Drive Service Plan worthwhile, particularly when it’s offered from as little as £9.99 per month.