Best business cars for 2013

Ideally their choice of motoring will offer highly efficient mileage, combined with low CO2 emissions, reducing the Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax band. Not only this but a decent-level of performance and a large practical boot are over common requests for the ideal business car selection.

Such qualities can be offered by cars in a varied range of bodystyles, from hatchback to saloon and even estate models.

It can be tough deciding, but here to help out with your selection Perrys is here to guide you through ten of the best choices for your next business car today.

Chevrolet Cruze

The Chevrolet Cruze is available new and used in a few separate bodystyles, including saloon (starting from £19,085), hatchback (starting from £14,395) and station wagon (starting from £15,495).

Each specification offers five-doors to accommodate, in the back there’s good space for three people, Chevrolet says the head, leg and shoulder room is among the best in the Cruze’s category. The Cruze seems to sit slightly higher than many other saloon or hatches so forward visibility is excellent too.

Looking beyond that, the Cruze also offers a solid engine range which includes a 1.6-litre petrol and 2.0-litre turbodiesel, the latter with 161bhp and CO2 emissions at just 147g/km, plus a return of 50.4mpg.

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Citroen DS5


Currently available from £23,400, the Citroen DS5 is a large executive suitable for transporting families, but also certainly won’t look out of place when taken on a business trip.

Since first going on sale last year, the DS5 has taken the market by storm with its engine range that includes a THP 200bhp petrol unit, a 110bhp e-HDi diesel, a 160bhp HDi diesel and finally the 200bhp Hybrid4 Airdream ESGS6 diesel-electric powertrain..

The most economical in the DS5 range is the diesel Hybrid4 engine. Due to its efficient diesel-hybrid engine its emissions start from as low as 99g/km and range to 107g/km, depending on which trim the engine is featured.

Its low emissions also mean a low BIK tax rating of just 10 per cent.

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Ford Mondeo


Sporting a solid chassis, smart styling and a strong reputation, the Ford Mondeo range remains an enviable competitor in the business car market.

The five-door family car, available as a saloon or estate car has a huge specification range to choose from, with something for everyone.

Amongst the range there are some impressively efficient engines such as the 1.6-litre TDCi diesel with stop-start technology, with CO2 emissions from just 112g/km, leading to a BIK band tax rate of just 18 per cent.

With practical cabin and loading space on offer as well, the Mondeo is a predictable but highly sensible choice for your next business car.

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Jaguar XF


Certainly one of the more premium offerings on this list, the Jaguar XF though is still a realistic and tempting offer for company car operators looking for a practical saloon.

The five-door Jaguar XF bolsters a few very solid engines to choose from. The real highlight for Company Car providers is the 2.2-litre four-cylinder diesel unit with outputs of 163bhp or 190bhp.

With either output this large and comfortable saloon combined with this diesel boasts an impressive official fuel economy of 52.3mpg while CO2 emissions are kept at just 149g/km.

Such figures will be welcome in affecting the Benefit in kind tax band, as well as the fuel bills.

Company car drivers will also enjoy the Jaguar XF’s standard equipment line-up, which features Bluetooth, climate control and parking sensors.

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Kia Optima


On sale since early 2012, the Kia Optima saloon is one of the most stylish recent competitors to enter the business car market.

A serious alternative to rivals including the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia, the Optima offers a 1.7-litre turbodiesel with a power output of 134hp, the only engine in the Optima range. This new engine emits just 128g/km and returns 57.6mpg. Alongside this new engine will also be the availability of both six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmissions.

When it comes to being a saloon, things like interior space and luxury are most important. The Optima doesn’t disappoint here with plenty of leg and head room, a 505-litre boot and cockpit like cabin.

The seats for the Optima split 60:40 so that they fold flat, meaning longer objects can be transported, which is always useful for a business car.

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The new for 2013 Mazda6 range includes both Saloon and Tourer estate bodystyles, and the Saloon model in particular could prove a both popular and sound choice for a business company car.

Starting pricing at £19,595 the Mazda6 range includes enticing engine options, a particular highlight is the 2.2-litre Skyactiv diesel unit, which offers outputs of either 150bhp or 172bhp. Transmission options include a standard six-speed manual or an automatic gearbox.

With the standard manual option, the 172bhp unit is the quickest Mazda6 in the range, while the 150bhp engine offers superb efficiency for the Saloon or Tourer. With an average fuel economy of 68.9mpg and CO2 emissions of just 108g/km, this particular Mazda6 keeps the Benefit In Kind tax band down to just 17 per cent.

The Mazda6 range also has some interesting standard equipment, which includes air conditioning, cruise control and a CD player.

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Peugeot 508

Since it first launched back in 2011 the Peugeot 508 saloon and estate range has been keenly aimed at company car executives, and it’s not hard to see why judging from its smart executive styling and the low-cost efficient diesel engines on offer.

The impressive fuel economy figure – 62.8mpg on the combined cycle – comes courtesy of a 1.6-litre diesel engine fitted with e-HDi technology.

The e-HDi technology comprises a start/stop system, which turns off the engine when the car is stationary in traffic to save fuel, and an ‘e-booster’ to ensure the engine turns back on again instantly when needed.

Other fuel-saving technology includes regenerative braking, helping the car record high fuel economy figures and CO2 emissions of just 109g/km – enough to qualify for zero first year Vehicle Excise Duty.

This useful fuel-saving technology also gives the Peugeot 508 a starting BIK band of just 11 per cent if you go with the e-HDi diesel engine. Unquestionably this is a recommendation for low cost business car running.

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Renault Megane

The Renault Megane range, which includes hatchback, convertible, coupe and estate bodystyles, has a range of cheap specifications and frugal engines which certainly make it worth considering as your next business car option.

Not only that, but since the 2012 model year Megane went on sale Renault has also overhauled the interior of the popular Megane small family car with new leather options for higher trim levels, a new dashboard and more equipment.

Under the bonnet a range of new engines promises to lower CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy over the outgoing units. This allows the Renault Megane range to offer a BIK band from just 13 per cent.

The three engine choices each offer a stop-start system that can automatically turns the engine off when the car is stationary in traffic. The engines list includes a 1.2-litre petrol engine offering 53.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 119g/km. It will be joined by two diesels; a 1.5-litre, 110bhp unit and 1.6-litre, 130bhp option.

The smaller of the diesels delivers the lowest running costs in the range. Co2 emissions are just 90g/km and fuel economy is 80.7mpg for the 1.5-litre diesel.

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Seat Exeo

Based on the same platform as the premium Audi A4, the Exeo is a compact saloon which is offered for considerably less than its German counterpart, but still offers a highly respectable level of quality which company car buyers will appreciate.

Amongst the range, the Ecomotive specification is the greenest and most efficient of all, offering a BIK band from only 19 per cent making it the pick of the bunch as a business car.

To be more detailed, the Exeo Ecomotive is equipped with a 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine, with outputs of either 118bhp or 141bhp. The engine is connected to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard.

The range benefits from various fuel-saving features including stop-start engine technology, low-rolling resistance tyres and a brake energy recuperation device.

With either engine output the Exeo Ecomotive officially returns 62.8mpg on the combined cycle. The range also emits just 117g/km in CO2, which puts the Exeo into Band C for Road Tax, costing owners just £30 annually.

Best of all, the Ecomotive specification is available on all five trim levels for the Seat Exeo.

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Vauxhall Insignia


The stylish Vauxhall Insignia sells a very large range of specifications and a variety of petrol and diesel engines which include some cheap-running options that should suitable Business Car operators very finely.

A particular highlight in the engine range is the 2.0-litre CDTi diesel ecoFlex, with CO2 emissions cut to just 115g/km and moving the car into Band A of UK Vehicle Excise Duty.

However, estate versions will be in Band B. All of this puts the BIK band for the Insignia range from just 18 per cent. The 2.0-litre ecoFlex diesel is available in 130bhp and 160bhp outputs, but only the former will deliver the low CO2 emissions.

However, the more powerful engine is capable of 137mph and can reach 60mph in 8.9 seconds, one and a half seconds faster than the less powerful unit.

The improved environmental performance for both engines is boosted by the introduction of Start-Stop technology, which turns off the engine when the car is stationary in busy traffic and instantly turns it back on when the car is ready to move away.

Along with all this there are some potent turbocharged petrol engines available as alternatives, and an interesting equipment range. Standard kit on the Insignia includes cruise control, heated mirrors and a CD player.

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