Twizy gets a pizza the action

Last year Domino’s Pizza launched a competition for designers to create a new car to deliver pizzas in.

A number of creative entries came flooding their way, with the brand opting for a Smart-Car-style design from a Slovenian creative.

The idea must have stuck in Domino’s’ executives’ heads, because its Swindon branch has recently invested in a pair of new Renault Twizys to help with deliveries.

The Swindon branch is sure that the car can help them get their pizzas to customers in a speedy way. The store is delighted with the car’s economical nature, and feel it won’t disturb people living in residential areas when they need to make a late or early delivery thanks to its lack of noise.

The team is also impressed with the car’s size, saying it’ll help them to park in tighter spaces. The car is part of an overall greener philosophy for the pizza chain, which is looking to reduce its overall carbon emissions.

James Swift, franchisee of Domino’s in Swindon, said: “We are extremely happy with our Twizys as for us they are the perfect run around for delivering our piping hot pizzas quickly, responsibly and most importantly with minimal running costs.

“They are quite a head turner too, so it creates a great buzz for us as we like to do things differently.”

Jason Derry, Pro+ Manager at Fish Brothers Renault who supplied the Twizys, said: “The Twizy has stirred up a huge amount of interest since it has arrived, so it will be great to see them driving round Swindon in their distinctive livery.”

The Renault Twizy is the world’s first mass-market, fully-electric two-seater. It’s won a number of awards since its release, thanks to its impressive drive and eye-catching design.

A new Renault Twizy is available to buy from £6,690.

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