Alfa backs new child seat safety campaign

Italian car maker Alfa Romeo is focusing on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback, the premium five-door small family car launched in 2010, as part of the campaign.

It will be the poster car for the SAFER SEAT campaign, launched during National Road Safety Week this week, after shocking figures revealing new parents in the UK are lacking key child safety knowledge.

For example, a survey of new parents showed nearly two-thirds did not know they would need a different type of car seat depending on the car they drive.

Meanwhile a third of parents did not know a baby car seat weighing over 13kgs will be safer when it faces rearwards in the car seat.

However, at least four out of five respondents did admit to driving more carefully once a baby is in the car – despite finding a ‘large proportion’ of child seats are not being installed correctly.

Perrys Alfa Romeo dealership, located in Amersham, will stock a child seat safety guide as part of the campaign in order to help new parents ensure their child is safe.

It will explain the SAFER SEAT acronym, which includes nine things to consider when fitting a child seat:

SIZE – Measure the weight of your child

– AIRBAGS – Airbags can be dangerous – always fit child seats to the back seats

– FACING & FIXING – Keep your child rear facing for as long as possible, at least 13kg

– EXAMINE – Check whether your car has any special issues regarding child seats

– RESTRAINTS & RELATIVES – Learn about different restraint methods and consider relatives’ cars

– SIT – If possible, sit your child in a variety of seats before choosing

– EXPAND – Kids grow! Some seats adjust to fit a child right through until early teens

– ASK QUESTIONS – Ask a trained sales consultant for more help

– TEST FIT – Try the seat in your car

Vicky Butler-Henderson, TV presenter and supporter of the SAFER SEAT campaign, said; “Worryingly, according to some statistics*, more than 70% of child car seats are fitted incorrectly. SAFER SEAT is a good way of helping parents to keep their children safe in cars. I am proud to be supporting this campaign.”

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta was the perfect car to front the campaign after it received a five-star safety rating at the industry-standard EuroNCAP tests.

The car was rated one of the safest small family hatchbacks on the road. Prices start from under £18,000 for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and it is one sale now.