The return of Alpine sports cars

The car company Alpine was originally founded in France back in 1955 and came under Renault ownership in 1973.

Throughout the 1970s the Alpine brand made a name for itself through motor sport by achieving success in rallying including a dominant victory at the famous Monte Carlo Rally.

Alpine created a series of stylish sports cars up until Alpine was shut down in 1995; however Renault continues to own the name.

Indeed earlier this year during the 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed, Renault unveiled a stunning one-off sports car concept called the A110-50.

Until now though Renault have been lacking in true sports cars amongst their range, with only the RenaultSport Clio and RenaultSport Megane hot hatches representing the company’s real ‘performance’ models.

That looks set to change now however thanks to this collaboration with British sports car maker Caterham, that’ll see the return of a new Alpine model with a reported estimated price of around £40,000.

Both Renault and Caterham hold a 50 per cent share in the new Alpine business, a partnership that could potentially see Renault’s experience in creating stylish and practical products blend admirably with Caterham’s experience in making driver-focused sports models.

Speaking during a live Q&A session earlier today, the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn revealed that Alpine models are expected to sell mainly across European and Asian markets.

At this stage it is not clear whether the new Alpine models will be sold at either Renault’s UK dealerships or in separate “Alpine” named branches.

Interested motorists however could very well acquire one of these exciting new Alpine sports cars in the near future from Perrys Renault Dealership in Aylesbury.