Citroen get slap happy in new DS3 ad

Citroen has released a new advert for the DS3 which sees the car causing havoc to the public as it passes by.

The manufacturer, which will be releasing a Cabrio version of the DS3 early next year, is looking to keep interest in its popular model high with a new television campaign.

First released in 2010 the DS3 has been a sales success for the French manufacturer, with 180,000 sales registered worldwide.

And Citroen is looking to keep that momentum going by releasing an advert that literally assaults the senses.


The advert begins with the DS3 driving past a populated pavement, with an unseen force slapping them in the face as it passes.

As the car drives past an office window, the force grabs the tie of a businessman and presses him up to his window, against his will.

As the DS3 passes a crowded restaurant things go a bit Inception, with plates of food flying in the air. The unseen force gives a female diner one final slap as it drives into the distance.

Citroen has a history of being creative with its adverts. Commercials featured in its portfolio include dancing Transformer-style robots, ballet-dancing Arsenal footballers and even a controversial advert featuring footage of John Lennon.

The DS3 hatchback has proved popular with motorists for its strong engines, impressive cabin and good range of equipment.

The DS3 Cabrio got its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September. The car keeps all the best parts of the DS3, but also introduces the thrill of driving a convertible.

It features a retractable soft-top and has class-leading occupant and boot space.

A new Citroen DS3 is available from £12,850, and can be bought from Perrys Citroen dealerships.