Advice offered on safe winter driving

This combined with the colder and more treacherous conditions means that the UK roads will be more potentially hazardous for everyone.

In recognition of this the road assist and recovery providers, GEM Motoring Assist, has launched a campaign to spread awareness amongst the UK’s motorists about the potential dangers they could more likely face on the road during winter and how to negotiate around this trouble.

To help motorists stay safe when driving during the winter time, GEM is offering a reminder on checks each driver can make before venturing out to ensure they are prepared even when facing tough conditions including ice and snow.

The checklist includes a reminder to check that your vehicle is properly maintained and fully serviced.

Drivers should also try to ensure tyres have plenty of tread depth, are in good condition, and correctly inflated.

The check list also reminds motorists that radiators should contain anti-freeze and it’s also worth checking that the cooling system is free from leaks, batteries should also be in good condition.

It’s also recommended to drivers to ensure windscreen wipers and washers are working effectively. Washer bottles will need to be full and contain anti-freezing/ cleaning additive.

The checklist also suggest motorists clean windows, mirrors and all lights and check the lights are all working properly, especially in snowy conditions.

Finally it’s recommended that motorists store a high visibility jacked and extra clothes or blankets in their vehicle, in case of a breakdown.

For more advice on safe winter driving get in contact with Perrys Service online.