Land Rover sales still 'booming'

With the recent success of its new models, Land Rover has grown accustomed to seeing its sales figures radically improve – and its September figures aren’t any different.

Land Rover’s September sales figures saw a 40 per cent increase compared to the same time last year, bringing its year-to-date sales figure to 38,847 – which represents a further 35 per cent increase.

Land Rover’s sales figures have continued this trend of both monthly/annual sales increases since late last year – which suggests that there was a significant addition to the manufacturers range at that time. This addition was the Range Rover Evoque SUV.

The Evoque was introduced in September 2011 and has taken the car market by storm as in terms of both design and popularity. With its crossover design and low price tag, the Evoque has brought a new appeal to the Range Rover model line-up.

The Evoque offers a compact SUV exterior design along with a range of frugal powertrains, offering a whole new take on the competitive SUV segment.

The Evoque’s unique design has been used as the template for many different custom models, including the range of Khan vehicles, and has also helped it rack up a trophy cabinet full of awards.

Although the Evoque has arguably been the key to Land Rover’s success, the Land Rover Freelander 2 has also been vital to the British brands sales success, due to its recent refresh.

Range Rover Evoque prices start from just £27,995.

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