Fiat 500 – still a stylish icon

The Fiat 500 has proven its stylish credentials are still strong as it succumbs to customisable prototype designs from students.

The Fiat 500 is one of the most desirable cars on the market, with multiple style awards and a glowing reputation for cool soft-top driving.

The Fiat 500 has recently proven that these qualities are still strong with its nametag as it has attracted the attention of students from the Polytechnic of Milan and Madeindreams.

These students have used the Fiat 500 as a basis for creating two stylish prototypes, each echoing Fiat 500 design cues – but with original twists.

As well as being based off the Fiat 500, the two roadsters also draw on design cues from Fiat’s stylish associates, Abarth.

The first of the two prototypes is a two seat roadster model, which offers the typical muscular and low riding style of a ‘cool-convertible’. The roadster offers enlarged wheel arches, low slanted windshield, rounded front and rear bumpers plus two large canopies behind the headrests.

The second prototype looks a little more futuristic and sporty with a reduced windshield that almost looks cut off.

The second prototype also offers canopies behind the headrests that run along its rear end and finish in a rounded rear bumper. It also features sport seats that are visible above its rear end, giving it an old-school race car design.

Standard Fiat 500 prices start from just £9,960.

Fiat vehicles are available from Perrys Fiat dealerships.

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