New Vauxhall Adam – a fashionable commodity

In celebration of its soon to be released Adam supermini (and the London Fashion week), Vauxhall has opened its doors to the interpretive fashion scene.

In an exhibition at Covent Garden, a selection of fashion enthusiasts were given the chance to present their own interpretation and vision of the Vauxhall Adam through the eyes of a fashion designer.

Contributors included Fred Butler, Louise Gray and James Small, who were each teamed with a mentor in creating their own Vauxhall Adam design. Each ‘arty Adam’ offers a different take on the new supermini, focussing on unique stimulus which is based on its three trim levels.

Below are some images of the three fashion-inspired Vauxhall Adam designs:

Adam Jam – Louise Gray

With an unconventional / fashionable approach to the Adam, this design focuses on the use of raw materials as Louise Gray has chosen to drape curtains over the cars exterior. The Adam Jam has also been given interior additions as it features yellow leather and blood orange spot-printed cotton.

Adam Glam – James Small

This fashionable Adam offers an unusual pink and black exterior tiger camouflage design, which highlights its ‘floating roof’ appeal. James Small specifically picked this paint job as he felt it worked well with the Adam’s exterior contours.

Adam Slam – Fred Butler

In a slightly more flamboyant fashion piece, this Adam features an aluminium geometric shape across its bonnet displaying vibrant primary colours – echoing the Adam’s artistic flare.

All of these Vauxhall Adam deigns further highlight the versatile and desirable appeal of the new supermini, which is integral to the cars image as it is set to attract the young buyer market.