Kia recognised for green manufacturing processes

German-based TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organisation, has praised Kia for its green philosophy and awarded the company and its cars with environmental certificates.

The Kia cee’d hatchback, the Optima hybrid saloon and newer Sorento SUV have all picked up an ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certificate.

The inspection itself focuses on the environmental impact of a company’s processes and the environmental impact of a car’s build, such as its choice of materials, emissions, recycling potential and more.

The first and second generation Kia cee’d have also been presented with an ISO 14062 Design for Environment (DfE) certification, in recognition of the models’ eco-friendly design.

Kia says that there are five major steps in its manufacturing processes to help cut emissions and make their cars more environmentally-friendly.

This includes check sheets to evaluate a car’s eco-credentials over its lifetime, in-depth 3D drawings to verify recyclability, detailed physical analysis, the use of green materials and streamlining the manufacturing process.

Soon-Nam Lee, Director of Overseas Marketing at Kia Motors Corporation, said, “Since 2008, when the cee’d was first certified, TÜV Nord has recognised numerous new Kia models including the Picanto, Rio and Optima [non-hybrid] last year. We believe this ongoing recognition of Kia’s outstanding eco-friendliness will contribute to our rising brand image in Europe.”

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