Ford B-Max on the way – roll on September

Ford’s new B-Max MPV is nearly here as it readies for its UK release on 12 September 2012.

As always in the car market, there are certain segments growing more popular than others, and the common trend seems to be the demand for compact vehicles.

This means vehicles that are usually huge, like a 4x4s or SUVs, are getting a new refreshed and snug appeal, like the Range Rover Evoque SUV for example. A similar trend has taken place in the MPV segment as new MPVs are now smaller and sportier than ever.

The new Ford B-Max will keep Ford in the loop in terms of style and technology, but it will also add its own spin on the sporty MPV design.

From the outside the new B-Max features strong contours on its bonnet and flanks, plus the addition of an Aston Martin-styled front grille.

Here is a small teaser video of the new Ford B-Max:


One of the highlights of the new Ford B-Max is its Ford SYNC technology, which allows drivers to use a range of different voice activated controls to browse the cars media features.

A trademark feature of the new B-Max is its missing B pillar between its front and rear doors. This missing B pillar allows easier access to the car’s interior, which can be particularly useful with family life.

It is also available with a range of frugal engines, including the award winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost.

Ford B-Max prices start from £12,995.