2014 Mazda6 teaser video

Mazda has released a new teaser video of its 2014 Mazda6 saloon, and when we say teaser – we really do mean teaser!

As always, this teaser video gives us a quick look at the cars flanks and front end as it slowly pans from left to right.

Although the video only gives us a sneak peak, it is clear that new Mazda6 features many of the Takeri concept car design cues.


The Takeri was the original concept car of the Mazda6 and its ‘Kodo’ body language has evidently been carried across to the production model.

The Kodo body language features strong body contours along its flanks and bonnet, giving it more distinctive wheel arches and a sportier stance.

Its front end features a large grille branding the Mazda badge, which when added to its slightly sloped bonnet give it a muscle car appeal.

Mazda has also announced many other features of the Takeri that are to be carried across, including Mazda’s frugal Skyactiv technology.

Skyactiv technology is a mix between lightweight body materials and frugal powertrains, ultimately resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

The Mazda6 will feature a Skyactiv-D 2.2 litre diesel engine alongside a new regenerative braking system, which turns kinetic energy into electricity.