New Ford C-Max Plug-In Hybrid revealed

As almost every manufacturer has given hybrid vehicles a go, it seems Ford has focused more on its frugal EcoBoost engine range in the UK.

However, times may be changing for the American manufacturer as it plans to release the new Ford C-Max Energi Plug-In Hybrid.

The new hybrid MPV will offer the best of both worlds as it delivers low emissions and great mileage, plus the added bonus of family practicality, says the US manufacturer.

According to Ford, the C-Max hybrid can travel up to 20 miles off electric power alone, which when added its hybrid powertrain credentials results in an overall 550-mile range. More impressive is its fuel economy as it returns almost 100mpg.

As it is based on the C-Max MPV, it may feature similar equipment levels. The current Ford C-Max model features high quality standard equipment, which includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, leather steering wheel, digital DAB radio and rear parking sensors.

The new C-Max is also likely to feature the acclaimed Ford SYNC technology, which allows drivers to control various media equipment using voice control. This technology has given the Ford brand the reputation of ‘talking cars’.

Whether or not the new Ford C-Max Plug-In Hybrid will reach the UK is still unknown, however it does give us an idea of what Ford is planning in terms of Alternative Fuel vehicles (AFV), which includes the possible introduction of more hybrid vehicles.

If the new C-Max hybrid is to go on sale in the UK, it may cost around £17,000.

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