Ken Block – 650bhp Ford Fiesta in San Francisco

Ken Block is at it again as he chooses San Francisco for his playground and glides around the closed streets in an amped-up Ford Fiesta.

As Ken Block is well known for being a bit of an extremist when it comes to leisurely days out driving, his new San Francisco endeavour doesn’t disappoint.

Watch as he swings and drifts around obstacles on the streets of San Francisco. Imagine having his job…


The Ford Fiesta rally car he is driving in the video uses a meaty engine producing 650bhp, which by looking at the smoothness of his driving, serves him very well. It also features sporty body decals, a large rear spoiler and bright lime green alloy wheels.

As we can see a view from inside the rally car, it helps us appreciate how hard it really is to judge cornering and speed in a rally car.

The video also gives us some great shots of San Francisco as we see Block leaving his mark as he doughnuts in the distance, which have apparently left skid marks that are still there now.

Well done Mr Ken Block, we are impressed…and a little bit jealous!