16 rugby players squeeze into a Chevrolet Aveo

How many rugby players do you need to squeeze into a Chevrolet Aveo to win a new kit?

Apparently, you need 16.

As part of a national competition, Hove Rugby Club squeezed 16 of its players into a Chevrolet Aveo and won new kits for their rugby team.

The rules of the competition where that the team with the most players in the car, with the doors closed, wins – which as you can imagine can get pretty tough even around the five or six mark.

In what was described by a bystander as the ‘funniest things I’ve ever seen’, Hove Rugby Club saw off competition from other clubs nationwide and beat the current champions and their record of 11 players.

By contorting themselves around the interior of the Aveo, Hove Rugby Club fit 16 of their players inside as they lay on top of each other, on the floor and across the dashboard.

As well as displaying the great determination of a rugby club, this competition also highlighted the versatile nature of the Aveo supermini.

With up to 653 litres of storage space with its seats folded down, the Aveo offers ample stowage space for such a small car.

Prices for the spacious Chevrolet Aveo start from just £10,295.