Buying a Citroen DS5

The DS5 is Citroen’s acclaimed family estate that has taken the car market by storm as it offers the frugal emissions of a hybrid engine; Citroen’s DS style and many different family perks.

However, because the DS5 is so versatile, it can be a little tricky when it comes to picking the right DS5 to suit you. When choosing your DS5 you may want to focus on cost efficiency or equipment levels. Either way, you want to get the best for your money.

This guide will talk through the essential features of the Citroen DS5and help you decide what model is right for you.


The DS5 is available with four different engines THP 200, e-HDi 110, HDi 160 and Hybrid4 200 Airdream ESGS6.

The most economical in the DS5 range is the diesel Hybrid4 engine. Due to its efficient diesel-hybrid engine its emissions start from as low as 99g/km and range to 107g/km, depending on which trim the engine is featured.

The Hybrid4 engine also returns a combined fuel consumption of 74.3mpg. Its power output is 200bhp and it features four-wheel-drive with the front wheel being powered by the diesel engine and the back by electric power.

The e-HDi 110 diesel emits 114g/km and returns a combined fuel consumption of 64.2mpg. Its power output is 110bhp. It is available on two different trim levels, although its emissions, mileage and power stay the same.

The HDi 160 diesel comes available with both a six-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission. Although the same 160bhp is offered on each of these engine variants, their emissions change depending on the transmission. The HDi manual emissions range from 129g/km to 133g/km. The HDi automatic emissions range from 154g/km to 158g/km.

The THP 200 petrol delivers 200bhp and comes available with a six-speed manual transmission. It emits 155g/km. The key difference between the THP and the Hybrid4 is that the latter is a diesel and therefore offers better emissions, but it is more expensive.

Engine choice will depend on what trim is chosen, although the Hybrid4 engine offers the best emissions on each trim level. If good emissions are your aim, then keep an eye out for the Hybrid4 powertrain.

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Trim levels

There are three trim levels available: DSign, DStyle and DSport.


The DSign is the entry level trim and prices start from £22,400. Standard equipment of the DSign trim includes: Keyless access and start, cruise control, Hill start assist function, air conditioning, Bluetooth system, leather steering wheel and a 465-litre boot.

It is available with the entry level e-HDi 110 (114g/km) engine. Other engines include HDi 160 manual (129g/km) costing £23,400, HDi 160 automatic (154g/km) costing £24,900 and the Hybrid4 200 (99g/km) costing £27,600.

This trim features extensive equipment compared to some models, however it will better favour those looking for a base family model.


The DStyle trim starts from £24,900 and adds a cockpit styled cabin with roof switches, leather and cloth upholstery, emergency Citroen eTouch panic button, satellite navigation and sunglasses holders in the cockpit roof.

Available engines include the e-HDi 110 (114g/km) costing £22,900, HDi 160 manual (133g/km) costing £25,900, HDi 160 automatic (158g/km) costing £27,400, Hybrid4 200 (107g/km) costing £30,100 and the THP 200 (155g/km) costing £25,900.

The key additions of this trim are comfort based. If you are buying the DS5 as a family car, but want a little extra equipment for the family, then this trim is probably the best choice.

This also goes for people who are buying the DS5 for company use as its interior features, like sat nav, will prove useful when travelling long distance or on motorways.


The DSport trim starts from £28,000 and adds front heated sport seats, colour head-up display, dual xenon headlights, leather upholstery and carpet mats.

Available engines include HDi 160 manual (133g/km) costing £28,000, HDi 160 automatic (158g/km) costing £29,500, Hybrid4 200 (107g/km) costing £32,000 and the THP 200 (155g/km) costing £28,000.

This trim level is purely for people looking for a DS5 business car. Subtle features like full leather upholstery and a colour head up display give it more of a sophisticated edge over the other trim levels.

Which one should I choose?

Each trim has its own perks. The entry level DSign trim is low price at £22,400 and comes with decent equipment and a frugal entry level e-HDi engine. The trim also offers the Hybrid 4 engine that emits 99g/km, meaning it is road tax and congestion charge exempt.

Both the DStyle and DSport trim levels hint towards a DS5 business car, with more equipment and luxurious upholstery. The DS5 engine range also invites business car buyers as its low emissions mean low BIK tax ratings, with the 99g/km model offering a BIK tax rate of just 10%.

Citroen vehicles are available from Perry’s Barnsley, Huddersfield and Milton Keynes dealerships.