Chevrolet Volt can save you from zombie attack

The Chevrolet Volt is a special car. Not only does it offer all-electric driving, a 350-mile range and a premium specification, it can also save you in the event of a zombie attack.

This latest video is the brainchild of Josh Soskin, winner of the annual MoFilm Barcelona 2012 video competition asking filmmakers to create videos for ‘big brands and social causes’.

The video itself is a good one, featuring two men fleeing a zombie apocalypse in a battered older car. When it runs out of fuel, things look grim for them as zombies converge on the car.

That is until a Chevrolet Volt drives into view. The occupant, a woman, invites the two men in and they are seen driving away down the highway, safe from Zombie attack.

The advert won the prize ahead of a series of other submissions including an innuendo-filled advert focused on ‘range anxiety’, an online gaming spoof and a play on free range chickens to highlight the abilities of the Volt.

All of the adverts focus on the extended range of the Chevrolet Volt, which can travel 40 miles on electric charge alone and a further 310 miles when the petrol engine kicks in to extend the range.

The Chevrolet Volt is seen as the answer to electric car’s range anxiety issues and, despite using a petrol engine, easily outstrips hybrid cars in terms of CO2 emissions and fuel costs.

The Volt offers 27g/km of CO2 emissions and fuel economy above 230mpg – more than double that of a standard hybrid or frugal petrol or diesel car.

Chevrolet is no stranger to unique advertising for its new cars, and the Volt in particular, but this latest advert is a real winner.

You can watch it below. Alternatively, you can see the latest Chevrolet Volt prices.