How many rugby players can you fit in an Aveo?

How many rugby players can you fit in a small hatchback? It is probably not a question many of us have pondered too often.

For Chevrolet, however, they have decided to find out by launching a competition for local amateur and semi-pro rugby clubs.

The task is simple; rugby clubs must go along to their nearest Chevrolet dealership and climb into the compact, five-door Chevrolet Aveo.

If they can squeeze more rugby players in than any other team, they win a new kit and some other rugby accessories for their tram.

As always with these kind of stunts, Chevrolet will be posting a leader board on Facebook in preparation for a winner being announced at the end of the year.

The first team to enter, Cambridge-based Shelford Rugby club, managed a score of 11. This is not bad considering the Aveo is a Fiesta-size supermini designed to squeeze into city spaces.

Of course, the stunt has an ulterior motive. Chevrolet is keen to demonstrate the spaciousness, practicality and clever use of space in the new Chevrolet Aveo, which was launched this year complete with new design, more equipment and a sub-£10,000 price tag.

It’s a good way to get people involved with the new car, which is going to be an important model for Chevrolet as it looks to follow the likes of Kia and become a UK success story.

But it is not the only brand relying on some attention-seeking PR to hammer home the points about its new car.

We’ll leave you with this video of these cheeky monkeys (well, baboons) taking on the new Hyundai i30 at Knowsley Safari Park in order to demonstrate its interior quality.

The interior holds up well against the baboon assault, meaning we can expect to see some quality used Hyundai i30 deals at our dealerships in future.