Citroen’s DS5 wins ‘Best Large Car’ accolade

Even before its release the DS5 received a warm reception from car enthusiasts as it combines premium style and comfort with one of the world’s first diesel hybrid powertrains.

Upon release the DS5 instantly received awards for its innovation, including BBC Top Gears ‘best family car’ accolade.

Diesel Magazine judges decided that the DS5 was the clear winner of the ‘Best Large Car’ award as it ‘makes all its rivals seem just a touch dull by comparison’.

Ian Robertson, editor of Diesel Car Magazine, said: “Distinctively a Citroen, the DS5 breaks the mould to shatter large car predictability, while being clever and smart.”

The DS5 won the best large car accolade through its combination of style, luxury and a frugal powertrain. It uses a diesel Hybrid4 engine that emits CO2 emissions as low as 99g/km, returns mileage of up to 74.3mpg and yet delivers a power output of 200bhp.

With low emissions and good mileage, therefore lower running costs, the DS5 functions great as a family car. It also functions well as a business car, as its green credentials give it a low BIK tax rate of just 10 per cent.

Its luxurious interior doesn’t go a miss either as it offers a cockpit like cabin with satellite navigation, massaging seats and a range of leather upholstery.

The Citroen DS5 is priced from £22,400 and is available from Perry’s Barnsley, Huddersfield and Milton Keynes dealerships.