Consumer mag reveals best tyres

The Continental ‘ContiEcoContact 5’, a popular tyre for the new Citroen C3, was awarded the Best Buy title during a group test of 26 tyres.

According to Which?: “This class-leading tyre only recently launched in the UK, but came top in our wear and fuel consumption tests. It gives top dry braking performance and is the quietest tyre on test.”

Meanwhile, the tyre used on the new 2012 Ford Focus was also awarded a Best Buy award for the larger tyre category.

Taking an overall rating of 70 per cent, the ContiPremiumContact 5, made popular by its use on the Ford Focus hatchback, took the title due to its next-generation ‘3D edges’.

According to Which?: “This Continental offers fantastic dry grip and handling and very good wet braking. This tyre will be widely available in the UK during May 2012 and prices will be competitive with other premium brands.”

Tyres and tyre quality is an increasingly prominent discussion point for UK motorists. Last week, motorists were warned over the dangers of part-worn tyres.

There is also an increase in the number of UK drivers choosing to use winter tyres during the winter months in the UK.

Although popular in countries where snow is likely, winter tyres also provide extra grip in wet and cold conditions commonly experienced in UK winters.

This is because winter tyres are made from a compound designed to not harden in cold weather as much as standard ‘summer tyres’.

The latest reports from Which? highlight the best tyres according to its consumer test and has found the tyres used by the new 2012 Ford Focus and 2012 Citroen C3 as the best on the market.