Ford sets up pinball with cars

The idea, to advertise the parking assist function on the new Ford Focus, was set up on a busy Paris street, where a free parking space was set up for drivers.

However, when a driver tried to squeeze into the space, a giant pinball screen lit up on a billboard and any contact with the cars at the front or rear clocked up a higher score.

With the bumpers acting as pinball bumpers, the more drivers hit the cars the higher score they received upon emerging from their car.

The stunt ended when the record-breaker, who hit the nearby parked cars the most times, was handed the keys to a new Ford Focus.

The new Ford Focus features active park assist, technology designed to park a car in a space without the driver touching the controls.

The car uses sensors to park itself without any driver input, squeezing into the smallest places and removing the need for pinball-style parking, says Ford.

According to Ford: “In Paris, people will do whatever it takes to fit into a parking space. We took this as an opportunity to promote Active Park Assist, a Ford Technology that helps even the worst drivers park their cars effortlessly.”

Ford has posted the videos of the promotional event on YouTube and it can be viewed below.

The new 2012 Ford Focus is on sale now complete with part assist technology. Ford Focus prices start from just £14,000 for entry-level models.

The new 2012 Ford Focus is on sale at Ford UK dealerships.