Drivers warned over wet roads

A week of heavy rainfall in many parts of the UK has left roads in a treacherous condition and motorists are being warned to be careful on roads during the bad weather.

Paul Mott, forecaster at MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said: “There is already quite a lot of surface water on the roads, particularly in the Midlands, Yorkshire and north-east England so there will be lots of spray.”

He also confirmed the rain would continue throughout the weekend, adding: “Sunday looks to be a washout with up to an inch of rain falling across England and Wales.”

Heavy rain can increase the risks of ‘aquaplaning’. This occurs when the tyre treads are not sufficiently deep to move water from the road.

The result is the car loses grip as it drives on a surface of water and can lead to the driver losing control.

Drivers are being urged to avoid crossing running water, brake earlier and gentler and always tap brake pedals lightly after crossing a puddle to dry off water.

If a car begins to aquaplane, it is important to not brake suddenly and to keep the wheel straight to avoid skidding or spinning respectively.

Instead, drivers should release the accelerator slowly and keep the car steady until it grips the road surface once again.

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