In search of the average car buyer

Are you called Dave, do you live in Birmingham and are you looking for a new car today?

The questions may sound very specific but latest research from used car pricing expert Glass’s Guide has found a raft of information about the average car buyer.

The research shows the most popular day to look for a new or used car is a Wednesday and 85 per cent of UK car buyers are men.

Out of that number, the majority are called David, closely followed by John, Paul, Mark and Chris.

Of the 15 per cent of car buyers who are women, the most popular name is Julie followed by Sarah, Claire, Karen and Susan.

The stats also show Birmingham, Guildford and Reading are the most popular areas for new car buyers respectively.

While the figures a bit of fun, there are some useful nuggets of information for used car buyers in there as well.

For example, the average value of a used car purchase is £8,800 (£6,000 with a trade in) – something that fits very neatly in to our best used cars for under £7,000 guide published last month.

The relatively low price, especially compared to a new car, shows car buyers are increasingly looking for bargains as fuel prices soar and insurance costs rise.

In keeping with this, the most popular car maker is Ford with the Ford Focus, Ford Fiesta and Ford Mondeo all appearing in the top ten most popular cars, according to Glass’s Guide.

The Ford Focus costs just £14,000 from new but a good used Ford Focus can easily fit into the sub-£8,800 category, while a used Ford Fiesta will be cheaper still.