Citroen DS5 beats £200k Lambo to design award

The £200,000, V12 supercar could only manage second place in the prestigious Car Design News award behind the more practical, and affordable, Citroen DS5.

The large family hatch costs just £22,000 in the UK but judges of the design award believe it is the best new car design of 2012.

Owen Ready, Editor of Car Design News, said: “Both inside and out it’s bold, vibrant and idiosyncratic with a rich mix of materials and exciting design solutions. From its distinctive proportions to its genuinely special cabin, the DS5 marks Citroën out as one of the most exciting brands around.”

The Citroen DS5 is no ordinary Citroen; it is the third in a new line of upmarket, premium Citroen cars using the famous DS name that has adorned some of the greatest Citroen cars.

Starting with the highly customisable Citroen DS3 compact hatchback, the DS Line also includes the Citroen DS4 hatchback crossover and now, the Citroen DS5 family car.

Alongside the new-look front end with the Citroen badge incorporated into the grille, the Citroen DS5 comes with a unique design for the body and a premium interior.

Citroen describes the design as a ‘tailored suit’ and Marc Raven, Communications Director at the brand says the car is ‘the embodiment of distinctive design’.

The design hides an innovative engine setup that also means the Citroen DS5 is one of, if not the, greenest large family cars on the market today.

Using a mix of electric motor and diesel engine, the hybrid system delivers four-wheel drive but road tax-free levels of CO2 emissions and small car fuel economy despite offering 200bhp.

The Citroen DS5, the 2012 Car Design of the Year, is available now at Citroen UK dealerships from around £22,000.