Ford B-Max can call 999 for you

Safety is often one of the biggest considerations when looking to buy a small family car and the new Ford B-Max has a clever system which gives parents more peace of mind than before.

This is because the car can now sense an accident and call for help automatically.

The B-Max comes with a full set of airbags, electronic stability control (you can see what this is in our guide to ESC) and even a system which can automatically stop the car if it senses it is about to collide with something.

However, if the car is involved in an accident, the Ford B-Max’s safety kit does not stop there. In the case of an accident, the car will be able to tell if the airbag has been activated or if the emergency fuel pump has been shut off.

If this is the case, the car will automatically call the emergency services via the occupant’s mobile phone – as long as it is set up with Bluetooth.

The system can give co-ordinates of the car to the emergency services and ensures quick response times to accidents if necessary.

The technology is free to Ford users and makes its debut in the five-seat Ford B-Max, a car designed for the family with easy-access sliding doors and plenty of room in the rear for the children.

The system differs from other ’emergency call’ systems because it contacts the emergency services directly instead of calling an operator first, saving time in the event of a crash.

The technology has not just impressed us, it has also won an award at the 2012 Global Mobile Awards in the best mobile innovation for automotive transport or utilities category.

You’ll get to see more of the remarkable Ford B-Max next week when it makes its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March.

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