New Ford Focus safety rating ‘upgraded’

The family hatchback, which was given a top five star rating last year shortly after its UK launch, meets the new, stricter criteria introduced in 2012, according to EuroNCAP.

This means it can be upgraded to five stars for 2012. The importance of the upgrade was highlighted by another car, the Jeep Compass which despite a five star rating five years ago gained only a two star rating in modern tests.

Michiel van Ratingen, Euro NCAP Secretary General, says: “The results published today show clearly that a 5 star today means a lot more than a 5 star some years ago.”

However, he insisted many car manufacturers had ‘moved on’ and after a five star rating was awarded to the Ford Focus, it became one of the first new cars to meet the new criteria.

EuroNCAP tests the cars using a series of impact tests to measure the structure integrity of the car and potential damage to occupants.

Areas such as adult safety, child occupant safety, pedestrian safety and safety assist including safety technology such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) are all rated by the organisation before a score out of five is given.

Each area is market by a percentage and the cut-off point for a five star rating was raised to meet more stringent safety criteria.

Ford is celebrating today after a second Ford model, the Ford Ranger pickup truck, was also upgraded to meet 2012 criteria – giving Ford two out of the nine cars to achieve the upgrade.

The new 2012 Ford Focus is on sale now from UK Ford dealerships. 2012 Ford Focus prices start from £14,000.